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Introducing the friendly and compassionate team members that make ProTem a wonderful place to call home.

With all that we do to foster a warm and caring environment for your loved one, and to stimulate moments of joy and wonder every day, it all means nothing without the expertise and devoted care of our professional healthcare team. All of these services are provided at no extra cost.

Our in-house physician, Dr. Eric Martin, and our house pharmacists are supported and advised by our RNs, LPNs, and Resident Care workers (RCW).

Since the well-trained Resident Care workers are with our residents all day every day, they’re the first to usually identify any health or behavioral changes. When they observe anything going on with a residents that might be cause for concern, they document it and pass it on to the LPN who pass it on to the doctors, if warranted.

Our RN oversees and directs the LPNs.

The doctors are available for regular rounds. The RCW and LPN staff are trained to deal with every contingency that may arise.

(A care plan is created when each resident comes to Protem, and every two weeks it’s reviewed by the physician, the pharmacist, and the nurses. Changes are made and implemented based on the changing needs of the resident. Every decision focuses on the resident’s utmost wellbeing and safety.

We provide foot care once a month, or more if needed, and when the physician orders blood work the LPN draws the blood and sends it to the lab. The LPN also provides immunizations on schedule.

memory care professional Alana DesRoche
Alana DesRoche
Director of Care
memory care professional Stephanie Jason
Stephanie Jason
Senior Living Advisor
memory care professional Derek Tweel
Derek Tweel
Director of Operations
memory care professional Rick Ayles
Rick Ayles
Maintenance Manager
memory care professional Jeff Murphy
Jeff Murphy

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