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Our “Small Home” model will make your loved one feel right at home.

What Sets Us Apart in Dementia Care


When you search for dementia care services in your area, like Moncton, Halifax, or Charlottetown, you’re likely to find nursing homes operated on the standard model – providing food, water, shelter, and safety for dementia patients. Not that those things aren’t important, but they’re basic to sustaining life.

Not enriching it.

But, what seems to be unknown to the majority of dementia care facilities is that those methods are archaic, utterly outdated, and far below par.

Neuroscience research is opening the doors and windows for all of us willing to listen. Chances are, your loved one is reachable through our special methods, even if their disease is advanced.

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By giving close friendship and companionship to patients with dementia, rather than just physical maintenance, we’ve learned through research and our own experiences, that the dying mind can come alive again.

These close and caring relationships reduce anxiety, frustration, and loss of memory.

By using music and art, sometimes dance, the resident is given access to their emotional memory…in the amygdala and hippocampus areas of the brain – which is in a different part of the brain than episodic memory, so it continues to function much longer. And by highlighting emotional memories the elder who has lost language may suddenly find it again. And express himself.

Those long, dark hallways lined with dementia patients with their heads hanging down, enduring until they can eat or go to bed, are unnecessary in the 21st century. We know too much!

We now know we can reach these dear, wise people who hold the treasures of another age within them.

"ProTem has a reputation of being the best."


"I would highly recommend the move. The staff has the time for the care with low resident-caregiver ratio."


The “Small Home” Model for Dementia Care

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What’s more, since it’s the relationship each resident develops with three specific caregivers, the caregivers are trained to meet the need. Not only in the special care of dementia patients, but in the use of infusing the moments with all they’ve been trained to do, to make that moment memorable, deeply caring, and joy-filled.

Since each of our ProTem homes is built with bedrooms for 10 residents, the residents become familiar with each other and those very special and talented care providers in their home.

No long halls.

This means these 10 people grow to feel like any family member does at home. Our careful attention to keeping the same people working in the same home reduces disorientation and enhances security and confidence…in short: Trust. And connection.

Let’s face it. Not all families are perfect…Most of us have complaints about one or more of our own family members. In some families the parents don’t enjoy a close relationship with all their adult children. Without assigning any blame of course, not all families are perfect, right?

But once a resident has developed dementia, they need as much familiar support, affection, caring, and help as possible. You could say that these care givers come to seem almost like the resident’s favorite and most attentive adult child. And our resident thrive in that environment.

Then, in that secure and safe world, they’re more willing to try things like sitting on the deck in the sunshine with other residents… they don’t feel like they’re with strangers, but it’s almost like they’re joining family there.

And they’re more likely to listen to music from their prime of life and express what that brings up in their memory. They’re more likely to pick up a paint brush or marker and express more of their feelings.

Because for someone with dementia, their feelings are eventually all they have left. So that’s what we’re dedicated to bring to the surface.

Families Love Us!

We’ve had family members tell us that their loved one had frequent incidents in the last nursing home, but once they moved here, the incidents stopped. They tell us how content their loved one is here, or how amazed they are at the activities their loved one participates in.

They talk about how they stop in for a visit, and always find their loved one enjoying one activity or another. They express how their heart is warmed to see them so content.

And this isn’t by accident. This happens because of the dedication of all our caregivers and medical care team to connect with each resident in the very best way through all the moments every day.

In many ways, this is the last…and the best… phase of life for so many of our residents. The time when they aren’t distracted by endless responsibilities and are free to feel, experience whatever they can, and love.

We don’t claim to be able to reach every single resident at their peak of awareness. But we can say that there is a peace and a contentment that goes with watching caregivers cook fragrant and nutritious meals for them – or helping them cook, doing things they enjoy, and relaxing in the peace of their home and garden.

All in an atmosphere of affectionate kindness and therapeutic support.

Our homes aren’t “systems-oriented” or “routine-oriented”… they’re resident-oriented, and put the needs of each resident as priority all through the day.

We invite you to call for a tour, and let us walk with you through our special homes, to see the residents enjoying their activities, and their relationships with their caregivers.

We’re betting you’ve never seen a memory care home quite like this.

We hope you’ll become part of our extended family.

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